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24 Jan

I am just testing a set up I heard about from Dave Slusher, for posting to social media from my own site.He was advocating the idea of POSE–Post Own, Share Everywhere. That means using your own site as a source for all of the things you share. All of them, including short state updates, maybe even link sharing. I like the idea a great deal, a minimum because then I have my own database of the things I share for my own searching and curation. Hopefully this post doesn’t show in the regular stream of my site, but is viewable if you click the link to it. Also, I am experimenting with the formats for Facebook versus Twitter. On Facebook, you should see the whole thing with a link back to my site whereas on Twitter, it should just show the excerpt, in this case, the first sentence, then hashtags for any tags I put on the post, then a shortened link back to my site.

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  1. I am replicating what Dave Slusher talked about on his podcast a while ago. Mainly it relies on a WordPress plugin called SNAP. I will add that this is not for the average WordPress user as it requires creating “apps” for Facebook and Twitter to get it working. Doing so, however, means the result looks a whole hell of a lot more seamless.

  2. Fair except it is just one category within the overall blog. Dave Slusher limits his life stream to one category, he uses some more plugins to hide that from the casual visibility of the blog. I replicated that part, too, because it means my blog is more of a one stop shop for the things I both write and curate. I am not sure it is going to work well for the way I link share but the ultimate source of that is my Tiny Tiny RSS instance, anyway, within which I keep a published feed that both matches the links I share and captures my comments on them.

  3. I am really eager to hear how this turns out. I’ve likewise struggled with being spread too thin over the tubes, and not directly controlling my content everywhere.

  4. 2 minor corrections, neither of which change the gist of what you said. The acronym POSSE comes from the IndieWeb people and it stands for Post Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere. There is a variation where you post elsewhere and flow it back to yourself that is PESOS, Post Everwhere, Syndicate Own Site.

  5. And I realized I misread your comment about the lifestream. I thought you were saying I only pushed out one category but you are saying that only that category is the “lifestream”. All the rest is standard blog.

    For me, the value in this is in not having lots of separate things. I have one primary origination point and I own it. Bet on yourself first, invest in yourself first, own the canonical copy. However you think about it, I like that philosophy so much better than the digital sharecropping we are all so used to that we no longer think twice about.

    I joined App.net on a whim to check it out and the fact that I can push but only if I pay $100 every year and can’t yet flow activity back to my blog means that I don’t really want to invest in it. I spent too much time and energy collapsing all my silos into one thing to want to rebuild separate ones.

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