I Should Cook More

25 Jan

Feeding the teen rock god. I’m just making some rice to go with left over red beans from last night. Even something so simple reminds me that I enjoy cooking. I should make the opportunity to help with family meals on a more regular basis. Maybe one night of getting home early every couple of weeks, just to give out a try?

4 Replies to “I Should Cook More

  1. I like doing a big dish on Sunday night that will last into the week as leftovers. You have the time to do it right and it’s fun to make things that improve over time such as soup, lasanga, etc.

  2. Oh, I like that idea, especially since until recently Andrea and the boys went to my mother-in-law’s so she would get one night off as the sole meal planner and cook. If I contributed to a Sunday meal, it would also restore that break as well as having the time to spend on it and having a nice long tail of leftovers.

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