for me, the issue of moderation is not so much with drink but with food. I’m working to redefine my own relationship with my diet and with comfort food in particular. I was raised on Midwestern white bread and processed cheese food, and as such, my dietary choices have not always been sound ones. After many years of being seriously overweight I’m staring down the barrel of some serious health problems. To that end, I’ve set aside this year as time to lose some of that weight, not simply by cutting back everything and driving myself mad at the gym, but by taking it one slow redefining step at a time so that I can sustain lasting change. This month, I am doing something called whole 30 the details of which can be found here:

The point is to break some of my bad habits with sugar, salt, and fat, and then embrace healthier eating in general as a lifestyle. I’ve been making small changes for years, and there has been improvement. However, I would like to and the seesaw of gaining weight only to lose it only to gain it once more.

To bring it back around to moderation, this is all about learning how much I actually need to eat, as opposed to how much I want to eat. I have heard it being compared to alcoholism, however not being an alcoholic, I cannot directly comment. The point is there are some things I should simply avoid, some things that I can moderate, and some things I should simply embrace as a part of my overall healthy lifestyle.