19 Replies to “Brew Day!

  1. Next time, perhaps. Likely to brew again around mid-June. Or you can of course come visit Andrea Gideon any time you like. Just thought Big Daddy would enjoy brew day.

  2. Big daddy should get out of the house. He has a barber visit and an evening with his cousins. He will be on his own all next week. He and the cat might revert back to their primitive state like caveman lawyer and catzilla. 😂

  3. Maybe Big Daddy would like to come up and sample some MD craft brew next week at Denizens, or cocktails and fine eats at Urban Butcher or 8407? All right near my office and all worth the trip up from from NoVA.

  4. I’m real sorry, Tom; need to back out again. My MIL is in from out of town and the schedule’s just too tight for me to get up to Rockville today. When’s the next time we could get a group of merry nerds out for dinner and drinks?

  5. Totally understand. Let’s make something happen this week or next. Extra credit if Indigo O’Doyal and/or Michael Shinn can join us. I’ll once again suggest one of my faves in Silver Spring–Denizens or 8407. Urban Butcher may be a challenge to find vegan friendly fare though the cocktails are excellent.

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