16 May

Pirate-in-Chief LabelOriginally, the labels for the beer I brew myself were designed by an ex-friend. Not having the design files was a casualty of the ending of a friendship. I made up some placeholder labels for the first beer I brewed this year. I had been meaning to design something new, myself, for all of my beer from now on. When I chose a new name for this site, I had the idea to make the labels tie in much more with the site, including a QR code that anyone who receives one of my beers can follow to learn more.

In this post I’ve included the first new label design. I used the same engraving from Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress” that I used in the header of the site. I got to see these paintings when in London a couple of years ago. I think of the set of paintings as a morality play about the risks of intemperance. Temperance is one of Franklin’s 13 virtues and one I feel I need as many reminders these days as possible to observe.

I tried to incorporate some design elements to better frame the work for the purpose of labeling a bottle. I am pleased with the result. I think it is more than good enough for the product of my hobby, adding a nice finishing touch that makes me smile when I share bottles with family and friends.

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