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  1. It’s ok to spend a night in, recharging. I’m pretty sure that’s why they have D*C tv. The actor panels and big events air on it and the rest of the programing is great. There was one year when I was doing really badly, stomach wise, that I spent the whole weekend watching D*C tv.

    • Yeah, I thought it was tough five years ago and this is turning out to be very hard. Glad to see some folks but spending a lot of time trying to find ways to avoid the crowds.

    • We’ve been somewhat successful in the crowd-dodging, although the downside is missing opportunities to see people. But retaining one’s sanity is important.

    • I think folks I wanted to see are split between that exact cost of preserving sanity against the crowds and just being too busy on tracks and panels. Had hoped to see more, am grateful for folks I have seen but not expecting to see many more.

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