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    • I bought a new ticket on the same flight to get back. US Airways cost me a chunk of change because I didn’t know on Friday that I had to rebook everything so I paid a premium for two one way tickets instead of one round trip one.

    • Agent waived the airport fees in sympathy but it still smarts. Doubled the cost of airfare for the trip. At least it was all direct flights all around.

    • You absolutely need to speak with a customer service rep. after you’re back and settled in. This is a pretty clear-cut case, but people on the front lines have limited power.

    • I am not sure it would accomplish anything. If I bothered to look at the receipt for the refund request I would have realized. Hard to see how complaining about a counter agent not telling me something I could have checked for myself will do anything.

    • If I understand you correctly, and the airplane effectively double dipped into your bank account for the return flight, then it’s definitely worth a shot. Customer service at the corporate level as for more options than to get agents do for sorting these things out. For reference, I had a not too dissimilar scenario with a rebooking on United that called for refund—and I got one

    • No, they didn’t charge me twice. Sort of the opposite. I was originally booked on the way down through America and back through Delta. American, via US Airways, couldn’t get me to ATL Friday night so I asked them to cancel. I *thought* they only cancelled the US Airways tickets, they actually cancelled *everything*, which the confirmation printout shows, but they didn’t think to mention that. I asked the American/US Air agent if they could re-book me on Delta before I canceled and they rather rudely told me no. So I assumed they would not be able to cancel the Delta return flight, either. So I am getting a full refund on the original booking but ended up buying two one-way tickets rather than a cheaper round trip, because the American/US Air agent was a jerk.

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