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    • The lady at the towing service got snippy, it was private property and they have a right to tow in order to plow it. No basic human decency. There is no way I could have gotten my car out of that lot unless I slept in it in order to get it moving the moment there had been enough plowing and thawing. I talked to one of the business owners who was closing who assured me I wouldn’t get towed but was clearly lying to just get rid of the near hysterical nut panicking in his parking lot.

    • Yes. At least I got a refund on my air fare, I was supposed to fly out to LA for the Southern California Linux Expo this morning but I realized last night that just wasn’t going to happen with people basically parked along all the major highways. I had to immediately spent a bit more than that refund amount on a room to stay in last night and the fine for my care being towed. I am beyond pissed but there simply isn’t anything I can do about any of it.

    • I’m glad you at least got an air fare refund, though I’m sorry you’ll be missing your trip. Could they rebook you on a later flight today? (Though I would imagine they’re probably full-up with people getting bumped from flights last night.) Damn snow. Maybe you should build a snowman and punch it in the face.

    • Right now I am just glad to be home, and relaxing. Still pissed about having to cancel my LA trip but tempered by being with my family through the coming weather rather than worrying from afar.

    • Odds are now that the standalone heater is fueled, stores are laid in, and we are all together and safe, this storm is going to be either milder than expected or thawed within a day. Here’s to hoping. Will raise a point of barley juice to that a little later, when my constitution has recovered a bit more.

    • I’m personally expecting to get snowed in for a pleasant weekend with the family. Sure, we can’t go anywhere, but I don’t expect the post-Apocalyptic frozen wasteland that everyone seems to be anticipating.

    • Our worry is the power. Last time we had snow falls and especially wind like they are predicting, there were pretty bad outages. Granted, since then Pepco has undertaken a campaign to get the old growth trees and other hazards to the lines better managed but still it is a worry. With the kerosene heater, we should be warm enough and have plenty of fuel. We’ve got books and board games a plenty so shouldn’t be too bad if there is an outage.

    • Our generator is ready to go as well, and we’ve got plenty of wood for the wood stove. Hooray for emergency planning! You guys are welcome to come crash our place if your power goes out, but you probably won’t be able to get out if that’s the case.

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