23 Jan

Anyone mocking folks here in the DC area struggling to stay safe and warm without actually trying to understand why it may indeed be a struggle risk a muting and a possible disconnection from my social streams. It is very easy to judge without trying to understand how people’s frames and experiences may differ. What may seem quite manageable for you could legitimately be difficult for someone else. Without asking, you run the risk of unfairly judging people as incompetent and stupid when that is not the case and, worse, at a time when everyone could probably use a bit more compassion and support. How much better to assume the best of people and exert a little curiosity to understand their particular situation rather than glibly dismiss it for the sake of a punchline.

3 Replies to “Disconnecting

  1. Hope it’s not folks from New England. It seems like half the folks around here panic at the mention it might snow and empty the supermarkets of milk and bread. The other half waits for the storm to hit and rush out to drive around and prove snow’s not the boss of them, no matter who else they endanger.

    Keep safe!

  2. You guys are getting hammered. The only thing funny (in the wow, that’s weird way) is that EVERYONE from the DC we knew gave us a hard time for moving to Cleveland because “the winters are so much worse there”….yet in the 6 years we’ve been in Cleveland, we’ve had less snow every winter than DC. Add to this, that while in DC we really only had one of these types of “snowmegeddon” events.

    Is it possible that I have power over the snow?? What a super power to have.

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