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    • I need to understand a lot more about the business and logistics side. I’ve already heard that it will require some form of financing to the tune of two years worth of operating costs in addition to capital expenses. I figure Cantwell’s book will help me either see this as feasible and start doing the heavy lifting of planning it out or as something I just am never going to have the patience or willingness to do, in terms of all the non-brewing heavy lifting.

    • No doubt and I have started networking with pro brewers around here. Part of it is I need to learn more in order to even participate in the right conversations, ask the right questions; all on the business/logistics side.

    • The brewer at Denizens made a good point in favor of local breweries helping each other, especially around here. The more each can inform the palate and tastes of the community generally, the more demand is created for all the breweries.

    • No promises. Andrea has been pretty adamant about me doing this as purely a production nano-brewery given her experiences of many years in the restaurant trade. A production brewery means no kitchen but it doesn’t necessarily mean no food.

    • I am a long way away from picking a place but my natural inclination is to stay in MD. I’ve done the MD-VA commute once or twice before, it’s pretty much a deal breaker for any gig, let alone hanging my own shingle.

    • Wait. Port City, among others, is existence proof you can do a production brewery in VA, with a tasting room, without a kitchen. I was just there and at Hellbender over the weekend, where this particular factoid came up. Still won’t make me like to consider VA high on my list of locations…

    • I am more optimistic about current initiatives going through allowing direct sales to look retailers or at least my ability/willingness to help those through. Regardless, I haven’t even started researching in earnest. This is all about being willing to look into it sincerely to see what is what, even if the answer ends up being that I am unable or unwilling to start a brewery.

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