13 Jan

This week marked another small milestone in our journey to open a brewery. We opened a business bank account, the last step required in forming our corporate entity. Peculiar Character, LLC is now officially a thing. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, this however was a necessary first step.

Like the first piece of official mail we received for the brewery, confirming our membership in the Brewers Association of America, even small steps mean a lot. When we pause and think about everything yet to do, it definitely can feel overwhelming. The way we will get to our opening is through a continual progress of small steps.

Each of these milestones makes it feel more real for us. We have already invested, both of ourselves and our resources, so far. We are fortunate to be able to make those investments right now, starting this venture of a place of security and abundance. I think that robs mere expenditures into the planning of some of their emotional weight. The milestones, no matter how small, seem to correct for that, resonating far beyond their individual importance.

Since I last wrote an update, we’ve had a couple more meetings with our consulting team. We’ve added a commercial realtor, one we are very excited to work with based on our first conversation. In parallel I had a good meeting with our business analyst, the person who will be helping us make sense of our research and weave it into a compelling narrative, both for when we start to work on fund raising and as a benchmark for ourselves to gauge how we are doing especially early on. The good news is our research seems to be covering a lot of what we need. Next we’ll hopefully be working to distill that into some more concrete plans, narrowing the answers we need to seek out even further.

I am intentionally keeping this update short. I have more to share and will do so soon. I think if I break these posts down into smaller ones, sharing one change at a time, I may be mo

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