I’d heard of @AlecJRoss from my days @OTI but hearing him in an interview with @naptownpint, this is the candidate I want for our next Maryland governor.

TFW you want a single, small cookie as a reward for good food choices during the day only to realize you have no cookies so end up pouring some Russion Imperial Stout instead. Yeah, might be a homebrewer or beer nerd.

I just dry hopped by Scottish double brown stout. I will keg it next weekend. Love this beer, the recipe shouldn’t work but the beer totally does: a heavily hopped, sweet stout.

Just finished editing and cleaning up recording of my interview with @DenizensBrewing. Should be able to finish production on time, tomorrow, for early release to Patrons (https://patreon.com/peculiarcharacter) and later in the week for everyone else.

For my birthday, as a gift to my Patrons (https://www.patreon.com/peculiarcharacter) I recorded some more production diaries this morning. I will be posting them over the next few days.