It has been a long although rewarding week, day job stuff. Planning on stopping by @TrueRespite and @saintsrowbeer on the way home to round out the week.

Just finished kegging this year’s batch of mild. @marylandmalt base malt and some of their trial roasted malts. Beautiful color and delicate flavor. Cannot wait to share.

The ribbon cutting at @TrueRespite has been phenomenal. So good to see champions for craft beer from county and state government, a great crowd, and solidarity from other breweries in the county.

Not so random appreciation for my local breweries including @saintsrowbeer @TrueRespite @DenizensBrewing @7LocksBrewing @brookevillebeer @WaredacaBrewing @silverbranchus @brawlingbear @astrolabbrewing @elderpinebeer

Finished work on the latest interview, with the O’Leary’s from @TrueRespite. Turned out great, despite so many distractions on the day. Episode 6 of Season 2 will go out to Patrons tonight ( and everyone else on Thursday.

Paying my dues for all the fun I had at all the local breweries these past few weeks, especially @TrueRespite. Editing audio for the next episode that will release a week early to coincide with their ribbon cutting.