A Sprig of Grass Recipe 2.0

This beer meets the style guidelines for an English IPA. The recipe sketched here is for an all grain brew. Hopefully this is enough information to convert to extract or partial grain. This is based on a 5 gallon batch.

Grain Bill

  • 10lbs, 80% Maris otter
  • 2.5lbs, 20% Biscuit
  • Target SG 1.073
  • Predicted SRM 10.3
  • Depending on your efficiency, you will have to adjust the quantity of grain but should stick to the ratios suggested here.

Percentages included to help make adjustments for your set up.

Hop Schedule

  • 60 minute boil, hop editions are time from end of the boil
  • 2oz, 5% AA EKG at 60 minutes
  • 1oz, 5% AA EKG at 15 minutes
  • 1oz, 4.5% AA Fuggles at 15 minutes
  • 1oz, 5.0% AA EKG at 0 minutes
  • 1oz, 4.5% AA Fuggles at 0 minutes
  • 1oz 5.0 AA EKG whole leaf in the secondary or a week from packaging
  • Predicted IBUs 47.6

Alpha acid percentages provided to help make adjustments based on hop availability and utilization.


I recommend a medium to full body mash regimen. Single infusion should be fine with a middle to higher temperature in the mash, for 60 minutes.


  • 3 pkgs White Labs London Ale Yeast
  • Optionally rack to secondary. This is a paler beer so may benefit in clarity from racking but should be strong enough in flavor that any possible off flavors from a primary only won’t be a problem.
  • Target FG 1.024
  • Estimated ABV 6.6