Positive Merit

The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

This recipe went a while without a name, going simply by “The Dunkel” or “My Dunkel”. I guess since this was created as the fifth recipe for Dark Cloud, naming it felt like I was encouraging any urge I might have to hang onto the first batch. This beer never made it to the tasting center due to some logistical issues at first with their draft system and then owing to the world-wide lockdown.

I could not find another Kant quote that spoke to me so branched out, this time to one of his vocal critics, Hegel. I like this quote for the same reason I like the one that inspired the name of my mild. I feel like the recipe formulation and brewing of this beer benefited from lived experience, research, and constant investment in my skills as a brewer. There is a certain optimism encouraged here by Hegel that I felt was apt.

Recipe and Logs

After Dark Cloud drained the three kegs I gave them Summer and Fall of 2019, I brewed this recipe at the tail end of that same year. I packaged it in February of 2020 and carbonated and conditioned it in a new fridge I added to the part of my pilot brewery resident in my sub-cellar. Unfortunately for Dark Cloud, this batch didn’t make it to the tasting center, first for want of


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