Signed Andrea and I up to got to the Craft Brewers Conference in April. We really enjoyed @BrewYourOwn’s NanoCon last year, now that we are moving ahead in earnest on the brewery, CBC seems like a valuable, if potentially overwhelming, experience.

Spent some time on the business plan, today. Need to do so more often, still any progress is progress. Now I think I need to get out to @MyBrewBelly and @WaredacaBrewing to touch base before the day gets any later.

I recorded with Brendan and Kenny of @truerespite earlier this week. I will get the episode edited and ready to go this weekend, for release generally on Thursday. Glad to be kicking off a new season, sharing some big news from @truerespite, and catching everyone up on some news of my own. Soon!

Feeling especially creative this morning. During a bit of first thing in the morning day dreaming, came up with another idea for an episode in the podcast season about to start. Also thought up a few new beer recipes I need to write down before I forget.

Stopped by @SapwoodCellars yesterday and had a fantastic chat with Mike and Scott. Look for the next episode featuring this interview in a couple of weeks. I think it is a strong end to an excellent season and a high note to wrap up an amazing first year of the podcast.