Cleaning up and editing the interview I recorded yesterday at @JailbreakBrewCo. Working hard and always learning so I can make it sound as great as the conversation deserves.

And I just secured the last guest for season 3. That is a good feeling, to have the rest of the interview recordings for this season pretty much on the rails. I even have the first guest of season 4 booked.

Secured the guest for episode five of this season, so excited. Will update Patrons via post and production diary soon. Just reached out to the guest I want to interview for the last episode of this season, fingers crossed.

Editing the audio I recorded with Gina and Ty from @HysteriaBrewery earlier this week. Sounds great, should be able to finish production work next weekend to release to Patrons a week from today, then everyone else the Thursday after.

Working on bonus content before some family related travel this week. A new production diary drops tomorrow to $5 and up Patrons, in addition to yesterday’s early access episode. A short post and behind the scenes photos of @HysteriaBrewery will be out soon for all Patrons.

I will finish mastering the first episode of season 3 this afternoon. Patrons will receive this episode in their feed as soon as it is done. It will go out to everyone else Thursday afternoon. This episode features @silverbranchus and patrons already received a behind the scenes peek at the brewery under construction.

In the home studio today, editing the interview recording with @silverbranchus. Another great conversation, look for it in the feed to kick off season 3 on May 10th.