In the studio today doing some work in advance of season 3. Some bonus content for Patrons, a blog post and an audio recording. Draft notes for an interview this coming week. And working to confirm a few more guests for season 3.

I will be interviewing @beerismysavior and @silverbrewer about @silverbranchus this coming week. They will be the featured guests opening season 3.

Finished work on the latest interview, with the O’Leary’s from @TrueRespite. Turned out great, despite so many distractions on the day. Episode 6 of Season 2 will go out to Patrons tonight ( and everyone else on Thursday.

Paying my dues for all the fun I had at all the local breweries these past few weeks, especially @TrueRespite. Editing audio for the next episode that will release a week early to coincide with their ribbon cutting.

And Episode 5 is done and ready to post, will go out to Patrons ( tomorrow and everyone else on Thursday. Huge thanks to @MikeOstreentra and @TommyHeyboer for helping making this one possible.

The editing and mastering is definitely the hard work portion of the podcast. A nice built-in reward is enjoying each conversation a second time. I am privileged to have so many amazing guests.

Had a super productive, and highly enjoyable, week capturing audio for the podcast. I am now ensconced in the studio to do the hard and rewarding production work to polish conversation into finished episodes.

Recorded an interview this afternoon with @hansriemer for the next podcast. A thoroughly engaging conversation with a local champion of craft beer, can’t wait to share this one in next week’s episode.

I have some awesome conversations queued up to finish season 2. Episode 5 will drop next week with a surprise guest. Episode 6 will drop a week earlier, in two weeks, to coincide with the ribbon cutting at @TrueRespite. And already well into planning season 3.