Also been hustling the last few days to schedule interviews for season 3 and for an unexpected gap in the schedule for season 2. More details on possible upcoming guests soon!

Final production push today on episode 4 of season 2. Patrons will receive it in their feed tonight, Everyone else will get this episode featuring Brendan and Bailey of @TrueRespite on Thursday.

Episode 3 of season 2 featuring @marylandmalt is available to Patrons now. Episode will be available for everyone else on Thursday.

And power is back so the plan to get episode 3 fully finished this weekend is back on. Hope to have it out to Patrons Sunday as scheduled and out to everyone else later this week, also as scheduled.

Just lost power. Episode 3 may be late to patrons. Hopefully power comes back soon enough to finish editing for release on Thursday to everyone else.

Tomorrow I go back into the studio to finish production on the episode with @marylandmalt and maybe start production on the first recording for the next episode.

I have possibly one more episode to schedule for season 2. The last episode is going to go out a week early for reasons that will be clear in the intro of that very episode.