Chatting with @MikeOsteenstra today at @saintsrowbeer, kind of want to organize a MoCo brewers invitational golf tournament, maybe at Red Gate. Fun format, like a scramble, prizes for best/worst hole, game, outfit. All proceeds for charity. Who’s in?

Yeah, in retrospect, probably should have listened to that instinct to spend the rest of the day after lunch working from outside the office.

Just noticed that @DenizensBrewing has a cribbage board behind the upstairs bar. Do any of the other regulars other than me play?

I need to name something “Bluster and Nonsense”. Saw myself use the phrase in an “on this day…” post. Could definitely be a beer.

Very tempted to drag my laptop with me to lunch, at one of my happy places, so I can work the rest of the day “from brewery”. Feeling very frustrated at constant interruptions.

I’d heard of @AlecJRoss from my days @OTI but hearing him in an interview with @naptownpint, this is the candidate I want for our next Maryland governor.