Changing a tire 1st thing, in August heat and only coffee in stomach, maybe not be best way to start the day.

Less than ten hours until my flight to ATL for Dragon*Con. Not sure I am ready, in a low stress way not sure it matters.

Surprised to be this awake and halfway through the day. Much puppy shenanigans last night and this morning.

Things that make me disproportionately happy? @EODMOfficial in my random play music. Can’t want to see them in just over 2 weeks.

Next week’s audio diary is all queued up. May record from the road to have the one after queued for vacation weekend.

If I practice all the guitar stuff I know, I can now spend the better part of an hour. Can also amuse myself with quite a bit of noodling.

After 3rd day waking up feeling crummy, took a sick day, my version of which includes an extended guitar practice session.