I have been reading a bit about motivation, forming habits, and learning lately. I was feeling poorly today, decided to try the idea of the domino effect, setting a smaller goal I am more likely to accomplish then trusting that the sense of success will lead to doing more than I set out to do. Set out to edit ten minutes of audio, 15 minutes in and still going.

That arc starting with a visit to a usual craft beer haunt through a delightful soul food serving truck to almost weepy nostalgia for a long defunct VW bus.

I know you all were ob tenterhooks, turns out despite the ire inducing topic, i.e. MD’s backward alcohol laws, spent some quality time with several good friends so ending the evening on a good note.

Trying to decide if an event his evening on the history of alcohol policy in my home county is going to alleviate or exacerbate the general grumpiness I’ve been experiencing since yesterday.