Guitar lesson, which was un-canceled, then usual weekly baking. In between need to figure out something for lunch.

Going to be a lazy weekend. Most strenuous thing planned is dropping a package off to be shipped. Otherwise, nothing planned.

Made me happy today: finger of rum cask Scotch, driving winding way home, blaring @EODMofficial the whole way.

Had a couple spare bottles of rhubarb hefeweizen so just shared them at $employer happy hour. Glad to see people liked the beer.

1st homebrew club meeting was a huge success. Met tons of great folks, got some good input on my beers.

Survived first beer critique, from a BJCP judge to boot. Confirmed what I need to fix. Some good points too.

Going to my 1st homebrew club meeting in a few hours. Very excited but also just a little bit nervous.