Ingredients for next beer ordered. Next brew day in just a bit over two weeks. Any local friends interested in brewing, PM me if you like.

Feel the need to out lunch out but hesitating due to thinking about Franklin’s virtue of temperance. Tranquility or temperance?

Now is when I regret letting my home brewing lapse over the last year. I dearly want some home brew, I even have two batches going, but nothing ready to drink. One will be ready in another handful of weeks. In the meantime, I’ll console myself with craft beers. I will also work harder to avoid breaks in my brewing. The toil of keeping the pipeline full always goes so much easier with the fruits of past efforts in a near to hand glass.

Until that beer, dubbel is fermenting away, barley wine is racked into a clean fermenter & in the sub-cellar for conditioning.

In mid-March I’ll be looking to brew this: The next evolution of my 80/-.