After tomorrow’s rhubarb hefeweizen, I am not sure what to make next. There are 3-4 more brew days in the year, one I am reserving at the end for Oatmeal Stout. Otherwise, I have made all my usual recipes and then some.

So very ready for brew day, both in the sense of everything needful is prepared and really up for exercising one of my passions.

I had an idea after listening to Albert Collins all weekend. I am thinking of recording a few, very short blues licks, maybe 1-2 measures, then sprinkling those into episodes. I like how Collins often just chats with his audience, highlights his stories with a little riffing.

Feeling especially achy today. Don’t know if it is weather and/or age related or early symptom of catching kid’s cold.

This week’s spent grain loaves are cooling. Taking every ounce of willpower not to scarf them both. They are for the freezer.