Finished pizzas to freeze for the week. New loaves of spent grain bread are in the oven, should be done with plenty of time to spare.

Between afternoon guitar lesson, evening family gathering, baking day is compressed. Wisest choice to bake anyway?

Going to head to Denizen Brewing in Silver Spring later tonight, for an event about a local maker space. Glad of the excuse, never been.

Ingredients for next beer, Spring of Grass, a very British IPA, ordered. Looking at 5/9 for next brew day. Invites to go out this week.

It has become a glorious day. Walk was good but wondering if the local farmers markets have started, how late they are open if so.

Watching “Hey Bartender” on Netflix. Suddenly very thirsty and few spirits in the house right now.

This weekend: measuring gravity of home brewed Scottish 80 shilling ale & formulating a plan to bottle in the next few weeks.

Latest recipe for home brewing. Looking to make this early May.