Collecting my brewing liquor or, as non-brewers call it, “water”. Slow fill through a carbon filter then a dash of potassium metabisulfite to treat remaining chlorine and chloramine.

Time to get this brew day started, shoe horning one in between travel, fests, and podcast interviews. Making an American IPA today.

When you spend most of your days in meetings and in the little time you have to code, you speed up a critical talk 45x, yeah, you deserve a beer.

Escaped a lunch meeting, dodged greasy pizza at the office, braved the unending rain to have my usual Friday lunch and treat at @DenizensBrewing.

After a short trip to work in the same place with remote colleagues, finally almost home. Home for a while, no more travel planned until November and December.

Little that is more nerve wracking than being away from home when heavy weather hits. Glad the family is alright and hoping all MD/DC/VA friends are safe and have power.

I was not sure I was up for MD Craft Beer Fest today. Thanks to my friends, especially @TrueRespite, had a great day enjoying the best of MD beer, some delicious food, and amazing weather.

Peak crowd here at MD Craft Beer Fest, an amazing endorsement of our local breweries and @MDBrewers. Getting to be too much for this introvert, though. Hiding in the @TrueRespite tent.