I am pooped. Kegged a new beer yesterday. Produced a new podcast episode today as well as baking and other chores. Also started and worked throughout the weekend on a new open source project, https://github.com/commandline/luminal

Hurray! Power is back which means I can keg my latest homebrew and do the other things I planned to do this weekend. Thank you, @PepcoConnect.

Power company claims to have dispatched a crew and is evaluating. I am skeptical, good time to catch up on reading regardless.

Sorry for a flurry of posts that appeared and disappeared, I am changing a few things to support my new dedicated social media accounts for the podcast. Hopefully it is all dialed in now.

So far, the https://peculiarcharacter.com podcast seems to be feast or famine. Either I am scrambling to make sure I have an interview for my looming next release date or I am multiple episodes ahead in terms of recorded audio. As long as I hit my release dates, I think I am fine with that.

Supporting my future Governor and lieutenant, @AlecJRoss and @julieverratti, at a meet and greet at @DenizensBrewing. You should come by if you are in the area.