There is a certain local flavor that I enjoy sampling week after week. And there is a growing part of me excited at the prospect of contributing something back to that wonderful, layered tapestry of creativity.

Received grades for my first exam for the pro brewing correspondence course I’ve been taking through the American Brewers Guild. Scored 98% on the general knowledge section and 100% on the engineering. This course is super challenging, thrilled I did so well. Only two more exams to go.

Saw an Uzbek place on the way to dinner offering “Russian brunch”. Much speculation ensued, with the consistent punch line of caviar and vodka. Until somehow a sauna made its way into the gag, then I broke everyone by suggesting sauna, lutefisk, and aquavit.

How? How do you run out of galaktoboureko on Greek Easter Sunday? Our habitual spot started doing Sunday brunch recently, I guess they underestimated people’s appetite for Greek dessert.