After taking Andrea out for her birthday lunch at Crossroads, I drove us by @TrueRespite and @saintsrowbeer. Not being a beer drinker, she hasn’t been. Tony’s latest sour beer may yet convince her, she is opening to visiting again to try more of his sour beers. Driving home, she confides that she would be on board if I wanted to open a nano-brewery, never having seen one before today. She has always been supportive when I’ve considered opening a brewery or otherwise joining the industry. She simply had never realized a commercial brewery could be so similar to my home brewery. Not saying I am going to rush right out and start planning a nano brewery. Only that it is nice for her to see that there are many ways to get started, some not so different from what I already do.

I want to go to Brookville Beer Farm this weekend to celebrate my birthday, which was Tuesday. Do I want to go enough to go on my own, if no one else will come with me?

It has been an odd morning. I received two reminders of what now feels like a past life. First I was proud of my emotional regulation when hearing a song that a formerly close friend recommended to me years ago. Still reminds me of that friendship and its befuddling end but doesn’t bother me at all like it used to. When I got into work, a LinkedIn nag was waiting in my inbox from a professional acquaintance through my last job. Another reminder of some of the most emotionally difficult work I did back then. My only reaction today was amusement.

I found a bottle bomb in the cabinet I use to hold beers before chilling. I lost one of the last four 12oz bottles of oatmeal stout. I am so glad to be kegging now instead of bottle conditioning. Fewer bottles and more predictable carbonation.

DC friends, the sun is high and the plows are out. Good time to start digging out if you have not already. Remember to not over do it and be mindful of your neighbors who might need some help. Nothing goes better with aching muscles and hot chocolate like having done someone a good turn.

Anyone mocking folks here in the DC area struggling to stay safe and warm without actually trying to understand why it may indeed be a struggle risk a muting and a possible disconnection from my social streams. It is very easy to judge without trying to understand how people’s frames and experiences may differ. What may seem quite manageable for you could legitimately be difficult for someone else. Without asking, you run the risk of unfairly judging people as incompetent and stupid when that is not the case and, worse, at a time when everyone could probably use a bit more compassion and support. How much better to assume the best of people and exert a little curiosity to understand their particular situation rather than glibly dismiss it for the sake of a punchline.

Hm, thinking it might be time for another commemorative beer. Something w/ cold brewed coffee or cacao, in honor of Project 1201 and @doctorow’s renewed copyright efforts.

In addition to an ingredient run tomorrow, I am going to my first local brew club meeting Monday, have new home brew to sample, and have some lovely craft brew chilling. What are your weekend plans, beer related or otherwise?

Like an imminent cold, can feel a possible depressive bout, brought on by reminders of problematic former coworkers. Already trying to exercise some positive self talk to avoid or minimize the worst of it.

I hate that Apple is still so central to the podcast ecosystem. Not only did they drop the ten year old feed from my existing podcast, but they are rejecting the feed for the new podcast. The reason? Basically my cover art isn’t pretty enough.