I think I am down to two ideas for my next beer. A burton ale, the same base recipe as my barley wine or a s’mores brown ale. The burton ale would be way easier than the barley wine, after today, I am kind of down with an easier beer. The s’mores brown ale is an idea I have had for a while, kind of want to see if I can pull it off.

After tomorrow’s rhubarb hefeweizen, I am not sure what to make next. There are 3-4 more brew days in the year, one I am reserving at the end for Oatmeal Stout. Otherwise, I have made all my usual recipes and then some.

I had an idea after listening to Albert Collins all weekend. I am thinking of recording a few, very short blues licks, maybe 1-2 measures, then sprinkling those into episodes. I like how Collins often just chats with his audience, highlights his stories with a little riffing.

Primary fermentation on my latest beer, A Sprig of Grass, is done. I ordered a new vessel and some other needful other gear to rack the IPA in the next little bit, to help the end product be more clear. In case you missed it, I wrote yesterday about what this beer represents to me, https://nohobo.me/2015/05/12/a-sprig-of-grass/.

Now is when I regret letting my home brewing lapse over the last year. I dearly want some home brew, I even have two batches going, but nothing ready to drink. One will be ready in another handful of weeks. In the meantime, I’ll console myself with craft beers. I will also work harder to avoid breaks in my brewing. The toil of keeping the pipeline full always goes so much easier with the fruits of past efforts in a near to hand glass.

Feeding the teen rock god. I’m just making some rice to go with left over red beans from last night. Even something so simple reminds me that I enjoy cooking. I should make the opportunity to help with family meals on a more regular basis. Maybe one night of getting home early every couple of weeks, just to give out a try?