3 Jan

Raising a birthday beer to family and friends who, though distant, are very much in mind and heart. Feeling grateful to all who have remarked on the day. Looking forward to what my forty-ninth year will bring.

A beer bottle labeled Impending Human, a steel water bottle with stickers on it, a tulip shaped glass filled with the bottle’s contents on a curvy edge table next to an e-ink tablet displaying a page with a small painting of two Koi above the title “Your CEO is MIA”


23 Dec

Starting my long weekend after a good yet demanding ramp up since I was promoted right before Thanksgiving to director of engineering for my department at my day job.

A 16oz can Black is Beautiful beer can next to a snifter filled with the can’s contents, both on a yellow hearth in front of a small fire behind an ember screen with cat shaped endirons.