I am happy simply to have so many local breweries now compared to when MD adopted me over 20 years ago. That MD brewers support each other and their communities makes me so proud.

Any #Savor when I can make @MadFermentationist laugh, bonus. Can’t wait to have him and @ScottJanish on the podcast to talk about @SapwoodCellars. #savorcraftbewr

Peak #Savor moment. Waiting to shake Sam Calagione’s hand as I have done for the past three years, I got to have an actual conversation with him. He invited me to email him personally about my podcast. #savorcraftbeer

I met @CharliePapazian again, here at #Savor, just now. Honestly, though, sharing my love of @gilbertogil and his free culture work with Charlie’s wife, that…that made my night.