One of my comforts has been my brother-in-law and now his best friend, both beer people. My own family, wine drinkers to a one. I feel less alien thanks to Jay and Dave.

Unsurprisingly, this weekend is shaping up to be beer heavy: lunch today at @DenizensBrewing following by a @brawlingbear tasting after work then my usual stop at @saintsrowbeer, kegging homebrew tomorrow for @marylandmalt then stopping by @brookevillebeer’s 2nd anniversary shindig.

Beer and crepes and tabletop games?! (At @TrueRespite) Yes, please. I love the large intersection of nerdery amongst my friends.

One of the values of routine is the comfort it offers when you really need it. Another is serendipity like how it might lead you, say, to a fun beer release event later today when you would be there anyway.

Finished listening to the latest podcast from @naptownpint with @cmully1003 and @brewbalt. A truly stellar episode all around, honestly could have listened for another hour.