It has been a long although rewarding week, day job stuff. Planning on stopping by @TrueRespite and @saintsrowbeer on the way home to round out the week.

The ribbon cutting at @TrueRespite has been phenomenal. So good to see champions for craft beer from county and state government, a great crowd, and solidarity from other breweries in the county.

Not so random appreciation for my local breweries including @saintsrowbeer @TrueRespite @DenizensBrewing @7LocksBrewing @brookevillebeer @WaredacaBrewing @silverbranchus @brawlingbear @astrolabbrewing @elderpinebeer

Another stellar beer day here in Montgomery County. Lunch at @DenizensBrewing then a fun event with @JulieVerratti at @7LocksBrewing. Bonus getting to hang out with Julie, Monica and Jim for a good portion of the evening.

Soft opening at @TrueRespite was amazing. Only way it could be at all conceivably better? Stopping in at @saintsrowbeer on the way home. I love that last bit–on the way home.