After some home brewery chores, today I will be finishing production on the episode with Bryan Butler then releasing to Patrons ( Final episode of season 3 will go out to everyone this Thursday then on to organizing interviews for season 4.

Spending my extra time this weekend putting together content for my supporters on Patreon. Several new posts scheduled over the next week or so, pictures from the most recent recording, and new production diaries.

All prepped and heading out soon to @JailbreakBrewCo to interview some of their staff for the next episode of the podcast.

Stopped in at newest local brewery, @saintsrowbeer. Fantastic time, looking forward to having them on new podcast.

1st couple of patrons have pledged, Thank you! Patrons get instant access to behind the scenes posts.

While I work to launch Dialogues, I’ve started behind the scenes posts for patrons only.