Received grades for my first exam for the pro brewing correspondence course I’ve been taking through the American Brewers Guild. Scored 98% on the general knowledge section and 100% on the engineering. This course is super challenging, thrilled I did so well. Only two more exams to go.

Everyone will tell you their way is the right way. True in tech and brewing. Reality is there are always many ways that could work. Stay curious, question everything, experiment for yourself, read voraciously.

Feeling especially creative this morning. During a bit of first thing in the morning day dreaming, came up with another idea for an episode in the podcast season about to start. Also thought up a few new beer recipes I need to write down before I forget.

Big day, today. Soon I will head out to record an interview with @elderpinebeer. Then later today I will be at @brookevillebeer for the release of A Pleasant Country, my collaboration with their brewer and my friend, Kenny. Very excited to share this beer, based on a favorite recipe of mine then barrel aged and finished on cocktail cherries.