22 Mar

Brewing is important to me. Practicing has helped me through rough times in the past. In order to make more beer, I have to clear lines. Under the circumstances, bringing growlers to work isn’t an option. I will be doing a large bottle run this coming week. If any local friends want to help free draft lines, private message me to discuss safe ways to do so.

I have been feeling the call to brew something deliciously traditional. I am thinking my mild, Best Interest, may be my next brew day.

Local beer and brewing friends, next week I start a month long sabbatical I’ve earned for five years at my day job. I have already started to reach out about volunteering to add to my education and meager commercial experience thus far. If anyone else would welcome some trained and unpaid labor, let me know. Also open simply to meeting up over beers at places I don’t normally have time to get to.