Picked up malt and kegs for next @marylandmalt pilot brews. Impossible to resist lunch at @brookevillebeer on the way home.

Finished with other chores for the day. Enjoying the last of my mild, a new recipe IPA will replace it soon, and watching an online course on wood aging beer.

After taking Andrea out for her birthday lunch at Crossroads, I drove us by @TrueRespite and @saintsrowbeer. Not being a beer drinker, she hasn’t been. Tony’s latest sour beer may yet convince her, she is opening to visiting again to try more of his sour beers. Driving home, she confides that she would be on board if I wanted to open a nano-brewery, never having seen one before today. She has always been supportive when I’ve considered opening a brewery or otherwise joining the industry. She simply had never realized a commercial brewery could be so similar to my home brewery. Not saying I am going to rush right out and start planning a nano brewery. Only that it is nice for her to see that there are many ways to get started, some not so different from what I already do.

What a spectacular evening. Recording yet another amazing conversation with @TrueRespite, logistical challenges not withstanding. Then retiring to @saintsrowbeer (and closing it) to discuss a collaborative project with Kenny from @brookevillebeer.