Recipe printed, mash volume and strike temperature calculated. After breakfast, preparing equipment for the mash. #brewday

Latest homebrew, a Scottish 80 shilling, bottled and with plenty of time to spare before taking the family out to the movies, dinner.

Ingredients for next beer, Spring of Grass, a very British IPA, ordered. Looking at 5/9 for next brew day. Invites to go out this week.

This weekend: measuring gravity of home brewed Scottish 80 shilling ale & formulating a plan to bottle in the next few weeks.

Latest recipe for home brewing. Looking to make this early May.

Have to figure out labels now that I’ve got something bottled. Don’t have access to old design, materials, printer.

Dubbel has been bottled. Not the best bottling day but feels good to have homebrew on hand again. Brewing again in 1 week.