Working on the recording with @marylandmalt, sounding great so far. This interview could go out next or next could still be a special episode on new bills introduced affecting craft beer in MD. Working on plan B for that special episode, since plan A was a bust.

I finished production on the next episode of my podcast, featuring a conversation with @kurtkrol. Really happy with how this episode turned out. Patrons should have it in their feeds, now, everyone else will see it Thursday.

Let’s chalk up my lost day, yesterday, to a learning moment. No matter how many beer fests I’ve been to before, each one has something to show me about negotiating fests in good order. Back in the saddle, today, with home brewery and podcasting chores under way.

Feeling mostly recovered after a long day of travel yesterday. Fairly productive, too, including laundry and some podcasting stuff.

Going for the extra credit planning the next season of the beer podcast. Success! One more interview secured, though scheduling and logistics for it remain.

Took a half day off from the day job to work on the beer podcast. Both halves of the day were super productive, for the podcast in particular.

Did research and prep for the 1st interview of season 2 of Dialogues of a Peculiar Character. Then did some reading on homebrewing in two books and one magazine. Now doing some discretionary reading for the day job, digging into some wonky programming topics.

Just finished editing and cleaning up recording of my interview with @DenizensBrewing. Should be able to finish production on time, tomorrow, for early release to Patrons ( and later in the week for everyone else.