Episode 2 of Dialogues of a Peculiar Character  with @saintsrowbeer drops later this week. Catch up with the 1st episode, or subscribe, at https://peculiarcharacter.com.

Did not get the porter bottled so will have to hustle in the morning. I want to bring some as a thank you for my podcast interview with @WaredacaBrewing tomorrow.

That moment when someone on your interview list has already heard of your new podcast and approaches you first.

Getting excited, episode 0 of Dialogues of a Peculiar Character drops tomorrow. New feeds at https://peculiarcharacter.com.

I think I have written out what I need for intro, etc for the new podcast. May try to release an ep 0 this week.

Put in a solid day editing and producing interviews for the new podcast. Tomorrow I need to write and record intro, outro, drops.

Conducted the third interview for the new podcast, @7LocksBrewing, this morning. Fortunate to have so many great local breweries now.