Achievement unlocked: remembered where Hilton stairs are. Yes, would rather climb 9 stories than face elevators.

Trying to stay rested for 10pm panel, “Solve for X” plus early departure tomorrow (alarm for 6:45am.)

Achievement unlocked: Low key day succeeded. Low crowd anxiety, saw more friends, feel much more human.

Going to take it very easy today, have an early flight tomorrow. Can’t stay up to last call, tonight. #dragoncon

Just after giving up last night, returned to the bar to catch up with a good friend, @PatrickEMcLean, up through last call.

Favorite panel so far, on relativity, with @sargent, @JulianaTexley, @mikamckinnon and @starstryder. #dragoncon

This is how you run a great panel. @sargent and panel all together, everyone building on everyone else’s input.