I was not sure I was up for MD Craft Beer Fest today. Thanks to my friends, especially @TrueRespite, had a great day enjoying the best of MD beer, some delicious food, and amazing weather.

Peak crowd here at MD Craft Beer Fest, an amazing endorsement of our local breweries and @MDBrewers. Getting to be too much for this introvert, though. Hiding in the @TrueRespite tent.

On the @MDBrewers bus to MD Craft Beer Fest, my first. Eager to see old friends and make new ones. And of course enjoy amazing local beer.

Had an especially awesome chat with Jenn of @brawlingbear today. Cannot wait to have them on the podcast, hopefully in season 4.

If @brookevillebeer does a farm fest again next year, given how awesome this year was, I may try to coordinate a live podcast on site. Yes, it was that good.

Beer in Farm Country was definitely one of the best beer fests I have attended plus so many super local breweries. Mad props to @brookevillebeer hosting this for the first time.

The Beer in Farm Country fest put on by @brookevillebeer today is reminding me strongly of the amazing parties my dad and his friends threw around this time of year when I was growing up in CT.