Busy weekend, as is my usual jam. Super successful brew day yesterday, subsequent clean up today, delivered pilot brew, helped shift part of a huge kegerator, then finish production on latest podcast episode.

Let’s chalk up my lost day, yesterday, to a learning moment. No matter how many beer fests I’ve been to before, each one has something to show me about negotiating fests in good order. Back in the saddle, today, with home brewery and podcasting chores under way.

The best reward for a brewer’s hard work? Happy and healthy yeast bubbling away. Signs of a vigorous fermentation this morning. While puttering post-brew day I also threw some oak into my strong ale, which will age another couple of months and get dry hopped before kegging in April.

Busy day in and around the home brewery today. Supply run to @MdHomebrew, racking old ale to 2ndary, then bottling porter.