Stopped by @SapwoodCellars yesterday and had a fantastic chat with Mike and Scott. Look for the next episode featuring this interview in a couple of weeks. I think it is a strong end to an excellent season and a high note to wrap up an amazing first year of the podcast.

The next episode, with Paul and Joe from Elder Pine, is all cleaned up, edited and ready to go. Patrons will get the episode early, tonight at 5pm ET. Everyone else look for it in your feed Thursday afternoon ET.

I had a fantastic conversation with Jenn and Eric from @brawlingbear and Nick and Kara from @Calvertbrewing yesterday. Most guests in an interview so far, this one may take a little longer to edit. Patrons may see it a bit late, everyone else on Thursday as usual.

Working on the podcast today. Activating contingency plans for the next episode. Thinking ahead to the rest of this season as well as identifying who I want to start approaching for next season. Who would you like to hear me interview?

In last week’s episode, I mentioned next week’s episode will feature an interview with Kenny at @brookevillebeer. That recording happens this afternoon then editing and mixing this weekend on the road. Episode might be a day late to Patrons, should be out on time for everyone else, next Thursday.