Made progress yesterday, while out enjoying some local beer. Two more guests shaping up nicely for the coming season, one a returning guest, the other a new one with a plan for possibly a couple of episodes–stay tuned!

Interviewed Bryan Butler at the UMD Extension this morning. We had a fantastic conversation about MD hops and barley trials. Can’t wait to share this one on a couple of weeks.

Finished producing the latest episode, with Drew of @eatyourpizza. Patrons should have it in their feed already (, everyone else will be able to listen on Thursday.

ICYMI, new episode with @JailbreakBrewCo dropped yesterday, Also recorded the next interview with @astrolabbrewing. Awesome people and behind the scenes peek was amazing.

Entirely recovered from Savor and in the studio, today. Next episode featuring @JailbreakBrewCo is out to Patrons, will go out to everyone else on Thursday. Working on interview prep for the episode after as well as other projects.