Interviewed Bryan Butler at the UMD Extension this morning. We had a fantastic conversation about MD hops and barley trials. Can’t wait to share this one on a couple of weeks.

Finished producing the latest episode, with Drew of @eatyourpizza. Patrons should have it in their feed already (, everyone else will be able to listen on Thursday.

ICYMI, new episode with @JailbreakBrewCo dropped yesterday, Also recorded the next interview with @astrolabbrewing. Awesome people and behind the scenes peek was amazing.

Entirely recovered from Savor and in the studio, today. Next episode featuring @JailbreakBrewCo is out to Patrons, will go out to everyone else on Thursday. Working on interview prep for the episode after as well as other projects.

Cleaning up and editing the interview I recorded yesterday at @JailbreakBrewCo. Working hard and always learning so I can make it sound as great as the conversation deserves.

All prepped and heading out soon to @JailbreakBrewCo to interview some of their staff for the next episode of the podcast.

And I just secured the last guest for season 3. That is a good feeling, to have the rest of the interview recordings for this season pretty much on the rails. I even have the first guest of season 4 booked.