Taking comfort in my personal Friday traditions. Lunch at @DenizensBrewing, today with a super nostalgic 80s playlist. Then @saintsrowbeer on the way home tonight.

TFW you want a single, small cookie as a reward for good food choices during the day only to realize you have no cookies so end up pouring some Russion Imperial Stout instead. Yeah, might be a homebrewer or beer nerd.

Realized my comment on totaling one of our cars lacked important context: everyone is fine. Total loss not because severity of the accident, written off due to the age of the vehicle.

Silver lining of the older son totaling the fifteen year old wagon is we are at the dealership ready to buy a new car. We know the one we want and have the loan paperwork, let’s see how fast we can get through the process.

Clearly my decades of being a mentor as part of my professional life were all prelude to teaching a teen how to drive.

No stitches, I am simply a panicky idiot. Nurse got the bleeding stopped, doc says it’s deep but still superficial.