Had an especially awesome chat with Jenn of @brawlingbear today. Cannot wait to have them on the podcast, hopefully in season 4.

If @brookevillebeer does a farm fest again next year, given how awesome this year was, I may try to coordinate a live podcast on site. Yes, it was that good.

Beer in Farm Country was definitely one of the best beer fests I have attended plus so many super local breweries. Mad props to @brookevillebeer hosting this for the first time.

The Beer in Farm Country fest put on by @brookevillebeer today is reminding me strongly of the amazing parties my dad and his friends threw around this time of year when I was growing up in CT.

It has been a long although rewarding week, day job stuff. Planning on stopping by @TrueRespite and @saintsrowbeer on the way home to round out the week.