What a spectacular evening. Recording yet another amazing conversation with @TrueRespite, logistical challenges not withstanding. Then retiring to @saintsrowbeer (and closing it) to discuss a collaborative project with Kenny from @brookevillebeer.

Turned into a two brewery kind of day, first @DenizensBrewing for lunch then stopping in at @saintsrowbeer on the way home from work.

Case in point, I am volunteering for @AlecJRoss and @JulieVerratti (who has a fundraiser at Jack Rose next week https://secure.actblue.com/donate/jvmar29dc). Both are very clear on their objective to overhaul laws holding back craft breweries.

Seriously, re: alcohol regulation reform in MD being a voting issue. Most years I am pretty low energy wrt elections. This year, I am ready to show up and ask candidates at all levels what they plan to do wrt reform. Going to volunteer for a few already working on it, too.

Who is planning on going to Savor this year? I will probably go again, even if on my own. Always curious, especially as I meet more and more people involved in the local beer scene, who else I might see there.

Seeing so many friends today at @MDBrewers meeting made my morning, especially Phil and Jack from @BrookevilleBeer and @JulieVerratti, who paid me multiple compliments.

This is bullshit:

HB1316, which creates a task force to study the Comptroller’s regulation of alcohol and public safety in potential alcohol law reform, passed in committee unanimously.