In addition to everything else, today was our monthly happy hour at my day job. As is my habit, I brought a gallon of my home brew to share. Now that the last drop is gone, off to my final stop before home, the @TrueRespite Gude Two Shoes tapping at @saintsrowbeer.

I am pooped. Kegged a new beer yesterday. Produced a new podcast episode today as well as baking and other chores. Also started and worked throughout the weekend on a new open source project,

The best reward for a brewer’s hard work? Happy and healthy yeast bubbling away. Signs of a vigorous fermentation this morning. While puttering post-brew day I also threw some oak into my strong ale, which will age another couple of months and get dry hopped before kegging in April.

Beer number 45, first brew of 2018, is done. Brewery is cleaned, sorted and set out to dry over night. Feels good.