Spent some time on another section of the business plan, a good start and more research required. Finishing last little bit of lectures for brewing course while doing last chore of the weekend, laundry.

Working on the podcast today. Activating contingency plans for the next episode. Thinking ahead to the rest of this season as well as identifying who I want to start approaching for next season. Who would you like to hear me interview?

More progress scheduling the rest of season 4. Heard back from one possibility, timing will be better for them in season 5. Sent pings to a few others and acted successfully on an idea I had for episode 2. Listen for the tease in episode 1 next week–or become a Patron if you can’t wait to find out.

I have begun planning and scheduling for the new season in earnest. First episode is locked down, working on 2-3 more sets of guests, hoping to firm up most of the season in the next few weeks. For new listeners, plenty of episodes in the archive in the meantime.