Another stellar beer day here in Montgomery County. Lunch at @DenizensBrewing then a fun event with @JulieVerratti at @7LocksBrewing. Bonus getting to hang out with Julie, Monica and Jim for a good portion of the evening.

Case in point, I am volunteering for @AlecJRoss and @JulieVerratti (who has a fundraiser at Jack Rose next week Both are very clear on their objective to overhaul laws holding back craft breweries.

Seriously, re: alcohol regulation reform in MD being a voting issue. Most years I am pretty low energy wrt elections. This year, I am ready to show up and ask candidates at all levels what they plan to do wrt reform. Going to volunteer for a few already working on it, too.

Good editorial from the Sun on what is happening in the fight to reform craft beer laws in Maryland. Members of the house have to know this is an election year and that they are definitely turning this into a voting issue.