Reached a staffer for one of my Senators. Not a lot concrete they were able to share, encouraging nonetheless. A good reminder, too: the single most important thing we can all do right now is have a plan to vote. My family has one; does yours? How can I help?

I have been struggling to share this; I am terrified. I am blessed with an abundance of privilege, especially living in a traditionally strongly Democratic leaning state. I am still afraid of what may happen in the coming months. I am angry, too, and am trying to channel both into action. I am fortunate to have the means to make non-trivial donations to support key Senate races. I am spending my afternoon calling my Senators. If you are afraid, angry, or both, I hope you find the courage and the will to act. If you want someone to talk to about your concerns or anger, feel free to contact me.

Another stellar beer day here in Montgomery County. Lunch at @DenizensBrewing then a fun event with @JulieVerratti at @7LocksBrewing. Bonus getting to hang out with Julie, Monica and Jim for a good portion of the evening.

Case in point, I am volunteering for @AlecJRoss and @JulieVerratti (who has a fundraiser at Jack Rose next week Both are very clear on their objective to overhaul laws holding back craft breweries.