Pulling what is needed for 1, possibly 2, episodes on proposed beer laws in MD, including notes for an interview as soon as tomorrow. 1 or 2 depends on how long each of 2 interviews goes.

Finally dug up the online video of Friday’s hearings on new bills affecting MD craft beer. The big reform bill, HB518, starts at around the 4 hour and 12 minute mark. Watching the rest of the testimony that I missed towards the end. http://mgahouse.maryland.gov/mga/play/2dfec8ca-b7df-48a6-b3c0-54793a127503/?catalog/03e481c7-8a42-4438-a7da-93ff74bdaa4c

Working on the recording with @marylandmalt, sounding great so far. This interview could go out next or next could still be a special episode on new bills introduced affecting craft beer in MD. Working on plan B for that special episode, since plan A was a bust.

This is a good write up of yesterday’s hearings before the Economic Matters Committee in Annapolis for proposed bills affecting craft beer in MD: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/breaking/bs-md-franchot-beer-hearing-20180223-story.html

Unlike my fights for the public interest at the FCC, the strife at today’s hearings have me feeling I want to do more to defend the craft I love. Probably because I admire each and every MD brewer I have met.

Today at the capital was…instructive. The hearings reminded me in a bad way of the work my fights at the FCC championing the public interest.

I did not record enough audio for a special episode today. I have some ideas, though, for what else I can do to help Maryland beer drinkers understand what is at stake. Will be calling in some favors.

Thrilled to see friends and pillars of the MD craft beer industry testify, even after such a long day, including in the panels sitting now @marylandmalt and @naptownpint. #mdcraftbeer

Wow. Committee’s response to distributors: hi, uh, thanks for testifying. Telling given not a single supporter of reform went without being grilled. #mdcraftbwer