Today at the capital was…instructive. The hearings reminded me in a bad way of the work my fights at the FCC championing the public interest.

I did not record enough audio for a special episode today. I have some ideas, though, for what else I can do to help Maryland beer drinkers understand what is at stake. Will be calling in some favors.

Thrilled to see friends and pillars of the MD craft beer industry testify, even after such a long day, including in the panels sitting now @marylandmalt and @naptownpint. #mdcraftbeer

Wow. Committee’s response to distributors: hi, uh, thanks for testifying. Telling given not a single supporter of reform went without being grilled. #mdcraftbwer

Distributors are testifying now. Predicting they will go out of business if reform passes. However, there are still distributors in neighboring states with laws like what reform would bring. #mdcraftbeer

First round of debate on HB518, the reform bill for MD craft beer, got so heated the chair forced the hearing to move on to the next round of testimony. #mdcraftbeer

I’ve never attended hearings at my state capital but I have to wonder: how many of them spend more time on ad hominem jabs rather than the merits of the bills being introduced?

Another pro tip: when you say you don’t want to sink to that level, too late, you probably already have.

The committee chair, who clearly doesn’t want to see meaningful reform pass, seems to have caught his second wind. #mdcraftbeer

Always a class act, @julieverratti steers the debate past how we got here, through hearing the opposition and acknowledging without agreeing, back to the future of #mdcraftbeer.